our story


Sign Jewelries opened in 2004 by jeweler Ingi (Sigurdur Ingi Bjarnason). At Sign, Ingi has designed and crafted jewelries and sculptures. 

Today Sign is a leading jeweler in Iceland, renown for their beautiful design inspired by Icelandic nature.

At the lava front of South-Iceland one can find the workshop of the jewelry company Sign. The company is driven by the creativity and the imagination of the goldsmith Ingi, the founder of Sign. Ingi considers it a great privilege to be born and raised on an island that is an artwork itself and being able to bring it´s beauty into the world of precious metals and stones. Sign has many different jewelry lines, many of which reflect the Icelandic nature and it´s mystical symbolism. The jewelry from Sign creates a world of it´s own, a world that is shaped by the forces of Iceland.

Sign jewelry are beautiful handmade quality jewellery inspired by the extreme beauty and mystic of the Icelandic nature.